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Version 1.15.2017

    Jack Ethan Mayler
    Josh Daniel Leris


Please read the whole disclaimer before proceeding on the other parts of this whitepaper. Important information can be found below.

Any part of this white paper shall not be used for any sort of solicitation, or any fund raising to profit anyone's self-benefit. This document is not made in accordance with laws or regulations of any jurisdictions designed for investor protection.

Presenting Gominer to the public is the purpose of this white paper, also, products, services, technology, business model, Gominer token to potential holders and its connection to the proposed ICO. Written information below may not be complete and does not imply elements of contractual relationships. The main purpose of this document is to provide information to any user for them to determine and undertake company analysis with the intent of availing Gominer tokens.

Gominer should be interpreted as an investment advice. Any information from this white paper is provided by amusement and educational purposes only. Investment or trading advice is not provided by Gominer. Before making any transactions, please consult with a licensed professional for opinions and ideas. Gominer Company does not propose to express tax, legal, advice and any conclusion from statements made by.

This white paper is a primary source of information about Gominer. The information contained in this document may be translated into other languages and may be used in writing or verbal with existing community members. Some information contained in this white paper may be corrupted or misrepresented or misinterpret. The communications cannot be guaranteed. The provisions of the document shall prevail in the event of conflict between the translation and communication.


Using our Gominer platform doesn't have to be confusing and time consuming. We designed our system to do all the heavy lifting for you, managing risk and priorities to ensure privacy and added value as a whole. We assured the miners net solid returns with excellent management risk, with less effort, in an easy to use suite, complete with a reliable source of reporting by harnessing the unique capabilities inherent to cryptocurrency we are able to manage numerous kinds of financial and security benefits and services. All users friendly and easily accessible to anyone.

The recent emergence of cryptocurrency has given birth to a worldwide financial paradigm shift closing in on a trillion-dollar market cap. As a result, we formed to put all benefits of cryptocurrency investing within the reach of everybody. Innovative products in cryptocurrency world have been spreading rapidly and impressive as the currencies themselves, therefore thousands of solutions exist for countless ongoing issues.

When building the functionality and services of system, it was decisive combining solutions to a number of pressured issues into a powerful platform offering multiple benefits to users, using online technology presence is not needed. It is assumed at this juncture that most people who will view this whitepaper have a base understanding of cryptocurrency, mining and initial coin offering (ICO). Some technical and historical background will be skipped.

About Us

Founded in 2017, Gominer embarked to be one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining providers in the industry. We are a group of programmers who are pioneer investors in the cryptocurrency business. As our company grew, Additional professionals is added in our company to give our clients the best service they deserve. the best service a company can give. Our company is located at Ottawa, Canada which has access to the cheapest power source in the world together with a cold season which is perfect for mining. Our company started from scratch till the bloom of cryptocurrency, through experience, we understand every details and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Our company is very serious on our business and services, through this, we assure to deliver to our every client quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed profit. Our company also partnered with solar power plants distributor for additional power source and greater power efficiency. Low power cost means more profit gains. Our company is patronized by numerous people and acknowledged by various leading companies such as Cryptopay, Aspanta, Bitmain, Ruhash and other well-known companies.

Green is Good
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Core Values

Our company core values support its vision to be the best at what we do. It will describe our company identity and distinction from other cloud mining companies. Some of our core values also describe our technical competence and how we deliver quality services to our clients.

Gominer uses green technology to maximize its profit. This innovation allows our company to have a sustainable energy source that lower our cost. Solar power and wind turbines are what makes our company unique from other mining companies. Being environmentally friendly is a social core responsibility of the company.

The company creates a culture among its employees and clients to have an ownership mentality. Any individual within the company will feel empowered regardless of their position and is allowed to have his/her own decision making. This allows the company to create leaders among its rank and will create a harmonious relationship together with its clients. Clients can also decide what to do with their own rigs giving them power over their investments.

Client trust is treated as an asset within our company. Speed of trust offers an exceptional and prominently down to earth take a peek at precisely how trust works in our each exchange relationship. The investment of our clients is our own very life line. A dedicated team is assigned to all our clients to support them in anything they need. Their satisfaction is what makes our company globally competitive among other service industry related companies.

Gominer is acknowledged by well-known companies in the industry. It conducts business transaction with integrity, honesty and compassion towards their clients. The team's creativity is what drives the company. They do their best not to offer false dreams and set realistic projection on what they could earn during their operation with the company.

Our company grows as we Implement other services, hire new people and absorb suggestions. This industry is continually growing and developing and the need to update the hardware and software is a must to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. The team tries new mining rigs as soon as it is available in the market. The need to attain higher hash power with the lowest cost is never ending. Experimenting with new ideas to attain desirable outcomes is the factor in our company's success.

In Gominer, there is a desire to give every user the best service they can offer. This can only be accomplished if the company is sustainable. For it to be sustainable, the team decided to invest in a long term energy production. Energy costs imposed a harsh burden on every mining rig. One of the solutions of the team is to use solar power and windmills to generate energy and reduce operating costs. It is a long term solution that will maintain profit for all.

The team takes full responsibility to guide and support every user the moment they register. Our team will make sure that no user will be discontented in the service they will receive from the company. It is a must that every user will be satisfied for our company to be successful and be a top player in the crypto mining industry.


Making our company to be the most trusted cloud mining resource providers On a global scale by maximizing income capacity giving unique market Approach and provide outstanding service for the best possible that we can. By making our company reliable in providing a profitable service we are creating an impact on helping the cryptocurrency Ecosystem, uplift the capability being a source of opportunity for people.


Gominer vision is to be a constant provider of solutions on cryptocurrency market and to be accepted globally and reached the cryptocurrency community. Gaining substantial benefits from it by making mining easier that it became a dependable source of income that aid people’s livelihood. Created a solid Trustworthy Company that will not stop constant development applied to reach the further future obligation.

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These six project planning question will answer most of the unknown about Go Miner. These questions will educate most clients what they need to know about the company

Gominer is a group of pioneer investors in cryptocurrency who came up with an idea to provide cryptocurrency cloud mining service, bringing cloud mining accessible for everyone.

Our company offers the best and reliable cloud mining service a company can give with our user friendly system and multiple earning systems to gain profits.

Our company is located on Ottawa Canada, which has the access to the cheapest power source provider together with a cold climate that keeps our mining rigs on their best working temperature.

Our company was formed at the end of 2017 through the bullish of cryptocurrency.

We want to be a part of the growing industry of cryptocurrency together with our users by making cryptocurrency easy for every Gominer clients.

Register to be part of the largest crypto mining company. We suggest you read the FAQ section first to know more about Gominer.

Message from the CEO

People are becoming interested nowadays in cryptocurrency and mining. But there are only few people who have the knowledge to do this and earn from it. Some of the reasons are maintenance, lack of facility,the price of hardware and et cetera. These factors are stopping them from buying their own rigs and earn from it. That is the reason we started our company, to bring cryptocurrency cloud mining for everyone and make it user friendly and make everyone gain profit from it.

With this reason, I am proud to present our company which will guide and help you with your journey on cryptocurrency through our own best experience and through our company’s best service and transparency. Every Gominer member has a share and contribution of the company so we all work together to the stake of success. I, John Ethan Mayler, CEO of Gominer, Offers our company and this white paper is my commitment to work through my best capability and make Gominer the best for all.

Jack Ethan Mayler

The Team

Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Software Engineering, Owner of Gominer Mining Company, A visionary 15 years experience in managing, and monitoring organizational functions and marketing strategies. His exhaustive insight into cryptocurrency mining services, product enhancements, Market Statistics, and product positioning has helped us escalate a respectable stature in the competitive market in a sophisticated way.

COO and Blockchain Developer

Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE), Full-time software engineer for over 15 years of experience as a senior software engineer & team leader in Blockchain App ,Wallet App and ICO Developer, Lead Developer of (GSS) Go System Software, A Software perfect design to balance and stables hash power on the long run without any system downtime and delay, because of its unique Hybrid A.I Technology able to perform better and faster transferring data on our backup rigs, preventing anomalies simultaneously.

CFO/Marketing Manager

Master of science in Business Administration, with 15 years of experience in financing, business development, and management. One of the Main Investors of Gominer Mining Company and Gominer Biological Research Team, Expert on sales, advertising and marketing management, ICO advisor/speaker, business strategist and multi-purpose marketer.

Director of Community and Development

Vincent aided multiple companies, institutions and organizations become successful by developing and communicating with their brand and mission more efficient through his skills and dedication. He is acknowledged by multiple well-known companies because of his skills such as helping companies secure annual funds.

Gominer Software Advisor

Achieved expertise in various technologies with extensive background in system management, security and support solution. Proven ability to lead and motivate teams to maximize levels of productivity. Jenny is an expert in software programs acquired from a broad range of experience of different job titles from well-known companies such as IBM. With her great skills, she is assigned to the improvements of software programs, existing or new and the assurance in the quality of the work of the team.


Sales and Business Development Advisor

Mathew acquired a wide range of experience in executive positions in business development, marketing and sales in different countries such as in the United Kingdom a United States. With his experience, he became an expert in complex internationalization and cutting edge technology. With more than 12 years of experience in technology with various top private companies and government organizations.

Marketing Advisor

With more than 10 years of experience in data analysis, Daniel is valued and acknowledge by most of the well-known companies. The knowledge of Daniel in digital marketing and data interpreting brought a boundless value in his previous companies such as IBM and Dell, and his great strategic skills were proved by well-known company such as Amazon.

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Token based system
Every Token on Gominer can be use to purchase hash power defenselessly
Bitcoin mining
Tokens will be converted into hashrates and Mined. pyophthalmitis
Bitcoins will stored on safety security vault prepenetration
Withdraw or Mine
From vault, transfer your earnings on wallet and withdraw your earning anytime or mine again detoxicated
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Investors Advantages

Gominer, Mining Pool, or Mining at Home

The days of using an ordinary computer to mine profitably at home is over. Whether one joins a mining pool or mines at home alone, to have even a shot at profitability, one needs:

  • Cutting-edge hardware
  • Right now, the demand for mining hardware is high and lead times are long. On the secondary market, mining equipment costs two-to-three times the regular price, cutting into your profits. Gominer has access to cutting-edge mining hardware directly from manufacturers at wholesale prices. The more funds we raise during our Pre-Sell, the stronger our position in negotiating hardware prices on behalf of the Gominer Community will be. Our experience in building and operating data centers means we get electricity at industrial rates in low-cost locations that would be nearly impossible for you to obtain individually

  • Access to a stable, sufficient, and low-cost power supply.
  • Modern high-capacity miners require between 1 and 1.5 kilowatts of electricity. An average house has between 5 and 10 kilowatts of supply. A computer, a kettle, a television, a dishwasher, and a washing machine altogether use from 6 to 8 kilowatts, so even one or two mining devices can overwhelm your supply. Either you need to increase the supply to your house, or you need to take extra precautions and spend extra money on circuitry upgrades. In some residential areas, supply is limited, so increasing power to your home may not be possible. And household electricity is significantly more expensive than industrial rates. It’s usually priced 30% to 50% higher than industrial electricity. Gominer is negotiating the best possible prices for electricity on the market. Currently, Canada is offering the lowest-priced electricity, with special discounts for hi-tech companies.

  • Professional and efficient maintenance
  • ining equipment wears out over time and eventually becomes obsolete. Quality control isn’t what it should be due to dramatic increases in demand, and we are seeing a lot of complaints about mining equipment breaking down partially or entirely. Top engineers on the Gominer Team are available to provide on-site servicing of mining equipment if it breaks down for any reason. If you have but a handful of miners at home and one of them breaks down, you lose a good deal of your mining capacity until the hardware is replaced or repaired. If a problem occurs at a Gominer facility, only a small fraction of capacity is lost before the broken device is repaired or replaced. And Gominer has the expertise and resources to do it quickly.

  • Constant monitoring of the mining process
  • If you mine at Home, you probably arent going to spend every moment looking after your equipment. If the internet connection goes down for a night, you have lost a good deal of your profit. If a miner breaks down, delivery of replacement parts can take as long as a month. At Gominer, equipment will be monitored and supported by maintenance staff 24/7. Back-up systems will be in place to minimize losses due to outages or disruptions.

    Pros and Cons

    Mining in GoMiner Buying your own Rig
    We have the best hardware maintained by trained professional and customer service online 24/7 to answer your questions You need to have some knowledge about of mining rig before buying your own hardware
    With us, you dont have to go outside your home Buying your rig will consume transportation fees, shipping fees and other service fees
    Our company charges no tax or custom fees, no need for these fees because the hardware are already in our facility Tax fees, custom fees
    Our company have our own racks designed for mining rigs You need to have a decent racks for your hardware, mining rigs need a decent racks to put with
    No electricity fees will be charged to our customers as we are handling the devices Hardware consumes a lot of electricity, mining rigs are electricity hungry devices that may cost more than you earn
    Our company have the best staffs specialized in maintaining mining rigs You need to maintain and monitor your hardware
    We have our own spacious cold decent facilities that are best for containing mining rigs. Mining rigs need a decent cool and dry place to function normally
    Our facilities are fully air conditioned so that our rigs can maintain a best running temperature. Mining rigs are hot devices that may affect the temperature of your home
    No need to worry for noisy hardware fans because we handle the hardware for you These devices contain noisy cooling fans that may disturb your sleep and concentration
    With go miner our mining rigs are on their best condition maintained by professionals. Hardware lifespan and possible breakage
    We have a great amount of mining rigs already set up and waiting for you Buying rig takes time and may not be available due to its popular demand
    We have the best human resources monitoring every devices on our company You need to monitor your hardware most of the time
    Our rigs are maintained by trained professionals on shift 24/7 so maintain the quality of our devices Mining downtime
    Our rigs run 24/7 so we will give you fixed, stable and guaranteed profits Mining may have unstable profit due to mining difficulty
    You can make your stable profits get bigger by using our referral programs Unstable profit due to difficulty, downtime, and possible hardware malfunctions

    Overclock Function

    Overclock function is available for all user on Gominer. You can improve your earnings up to 30% by using the overclock function on your dashboard, this function makes your rig maximize its mining performance for a limited period of time. You can only use its function for a maximum timespan of 6 hours. Using overclock function without upgrading your cooling system and power supply wattage may result in hardware degradation.

    Premium membership for advanced users

    Our company offers premium membership for advanced users to gain more options and advantages that will be noted below. Premium membership costs 10$ a month.

    Premium users Free users
    No withdrawal cooldown   x
    Free Gominer debit card   x
    Added SMS security system   x
    Access on Gominer store   x
    Premium user avatar   x
    Added Overclock features on Dashboard   x

    Business Model

    Which Cryptocurrencies Will Be Mined on Gominer?

    Clients may able to mine multiple algorithms of top altcoins such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash and Scrypt and were looking forward formore. You may refer on our Roadmap for future details.

    Business Model

    Gominer token is the basis of Gominer business model. Each token is a proof of membership in the Gominer community. Gominer will be following an Initial Coin Offering that will be crowdfunded through the distribution of the Gominer token. The minimum amount to be raised during the presale of Gominer token shall be 1,000,000,000 GT and the maximum amount to be raised shall be the equivalent of $1,363,630.00 dollars. Using the funds raised during the presale, Gominer management will use these funds for the process of the mining such as for manpower, maintenance, and additional and most advanced mining equipment available.

    ALET and Green Energy Integration

    Using an Advanced Low Energy Technology Such as Highly Integrated Cooling Systems, Advanced Window Technologies, and Envirotech like Solar Power, Wind Turbines and Hydrokinetics as an additional source of power, we conserve a huge amount of energy and therefore maximizing natures Energy Making it more environmentally friendly.

    Token Allocation

    Fund Allocation

    Token Sale Schedule

    Round 1

    Public Sale Starts Sept 20 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Oct 3 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 GT
    Hard Cap $1,363,630.00
    Soft Cap $136,363.00
    Token Value $0.00136363
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Oct 6 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Oct 20 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 500,000,000
    Hard Cap $3,409,075.00
    Soft Cap $340,908.00
    Token Value $0.00681815
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Oct 20 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Nov 3 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 250,000,000
    Hard Cap $3,409,075.00
    Soft Cap $340,908.00
    Token Value $0.0136363
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Nov 1 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Nov 14 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 125,000,000
    Hard Cap $2,556,806.00
    Soft Cap $255,681.00
    Token Value $0.02045445
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Nov 15 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Nov 28 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 62,500,000
    Hard Cap $1,704,538.00
    Soft Cap $170,454.00
    Token Value $0.0272726
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Nov 29 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Dec 12 2019 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 31,250,000
    Hard Cap $1,065,336.00
    Soft Cap $106,534.00
    Token Value $0.03409075
    Accepted BTC

    Public Sale Starts Dec 13 2019 12:00 GMT
    Public Sale Ends Dec 26 2020 12:00 GMT
    Total Token Supply 15,625,000
    Hard Cap $639,202.00
    Soft Cap $63,920.00
    Token Value $0.0409089
    Accepted BTC

    Most Common Problem

    The cryptocurrency market has also felt the ill effects of Bitcoin’s volatility because as a result of the price drops, Bitcoin’s trading volume, and even interest in the digital currency realm also decreases. Especially in China where Chinese mining pools control more than 70% of the Bitcoin network’s collective hashrate. The danger is that volatility can cause a large exodus of investors to occur which severely dents the hopes of other cryptocurrencies gaining mass adoption status. Such volatility is a two-edged sword, and the cryptocurrency market has shown that in 2018 with Bitcoin’s price shedding more than 50 percent at times from its year end price of $13,000.

    Mining Rigs is one of the fastest growing technology in the mining industry. Almost every month discovered new knowledge to make a new kind of rigs. That's why currently all mining rigs are almost disposable due lack of upgradable parts and low resale value.

    Due to the growth of cryptocurrency, numerous cloud mining companies have been created from different locations, through this reason, Ponzi schemes and scam sites also come with them, and because of this, more people are having a hard time trusting real cloud mining companies even the real ones.

    Gominer's Solution

    Our company came up the solution about handling Volatility of the cryptocurrency market by making the 1st hardware that can mine multiple algorithm at the same time it automatically switch to the most profitable cryptocurrency available, resulting of more stable mining experience and invulnerable on rapid changes of the market results of higher income compare to single algorithm mining. With the help of our GMX R1-C and GMX mining pool that supports the multi mining system.

    One of the big advantages of the GMX R1-C is that compared to other ASIC miners that may be non profitable after a few years or even only after few months, and parts that are non replaceable. The GMX R1-C is software and hardware upgradable such as its fans, Heatsinks, PSU and even the whole cooling system. Gominer will release software updates from time to time to make the GMX R1-C function on its best. You may find an upgrade and replacement parts available on Gominer store.

    Our company provides numerous proofs, company transparency exposing main team members together with their profile and best unique features such as real time monitoring and live videos. Blockchain technology has censorship-resistance of the information stored which carries the profit distribution and investments that makes it completely transparent


    Our company offers multiple earning system to maximize earning profits for every client.

    Cloud Mining

    You may earn profit by mining bitcoins, using your tokens to buy hashpower that will be used in bitcoin mining.


    In Stake, you may invest your tokens in our stocks and you may earn profit every day.

    Internal Exchange

    You may trade tokens with other users with our internal exchange.

    External Exchange

    You may also earn in external exchange such as in Binance app.

    Crypto Wallet

    A software program that stock private and public keys and communicate with different blockchain to make users receive or send cryptocurrency and monitor balance.

    Block Explorer

    The Block Explorer is an online block chain browser that display the amount of transaction, transaction history, Bitcoin blocks and balance of address.


    You may use your Gominer tokens in online stores such as EBAY, Amazon, and other online shopping websites.

    GoMiner Debit Card

    Our very own debit card that will be launched early year of 2020

    KYC and Security

    To comply with worldwide Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) rules, we need to know who is contributing funds to Gominer. Therefore, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure will be carried out before any GT Tokens are issued. The primary objective of token sale registration is to enforce a mandatory Know-Your-Customer check to prevent identity theft, terrorist financing, money laundering, and financial fraud. It also allows our team to understand our token holders better and manage risks prudently. We take social responsibility very seriously, thus, we believe that it is important to play our part in scrutinizing the people who invest in our company.

    It is mandated by the AML to have a KYC for every user specially the ones that are in the crypto industry to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. That is why we have benchmarked ourselves to the same KYC standards typically adopted by banks and financial institutions globally. The due diligence process includes screening against international sanctions/terrorist lists, politically exposed persons, and people with adverse reputations. Risk assessment and onboarding outcome will be performed and determined through the use of proprietary software. The KYC process is comprised of two parts, in the following order:


    Your details, as provided by you, will be checked against public sanctions and alert lists. This step will be performed by a third-party KYC solution


    If the automated step is successful, we will manually verify that the information provided matches the identification document photos submitted by you.

    Privacy and Security of the KYC Procedure

    Privacy and security are our top priority. As such, please find below the measures that will be employed to ensure your privacy and security.

    1. Only an encrypted version of your data is stored in our public servers.

    2. Email addresses will not be stored in our public servers. Instead, only a hash of each email will be stored in those servers

    3. Your data is not retrievable even if the password is compromised. Your password does not give you access to your data, but rather only enables you to re-submit your data if, and only if, requested by the Gominer Team.

    4. All data collected during the manual KYC will be only and exclusively stored on our company computers, as the entire process will be performed in our offices. An online computer dedicated solely to this task will be acquired and all information will be permanently erased after the checks are completed. Once the process is finished, data will be encrypted and stored privately for potential future audit requests from authorities.

    Data Security Precautions

    We want your account and personal data to stay secure. So we strongly encourage you to adhere to the following recommendations:

    1. Never send cryptocurrency to any address during the registration process. There are seven public token sale date and it is specified on our website: www.gominer.co

    2. Bookmark the registration page and never visit the registration site from any following email links.

    3. Never trust emails related to the particular sale details (such as the Hard Cap, bitcoin address to send to, etc.) Remember that the email address of a sender can easily be forged.

    4. Never reply to our emails. Perform all your operations on our website only. You can check your registration status on our website using your account.


    GMX R1

    The first hardware and software upgradable mining rig invented by Gominer company which is labeled as one of the most powerful and energy efficient rig in the cryptocurrency market today. GMX R1 that can mine multiple algorithms with various power consumptions

    Company Algorithm Hashrate
    Bitcoin Sha-256 48 Th/s
    Sia Blake2b & Blake2b-Sia 2.7 Th/s
    Ethereum Ethash 1940 Mh/s
    Litecoin Scrypt 1100 Kh/s
    Dash X11 250 Gh/s
    ZCash Equihash 160 ksol/s

    GMX R1 is the next generation ASIC mining rig, it is one of the most efficient and profitable mining rigs in the market because of its multiple features such as in terms of its hardware, software and composition.


    Manufacturer Gominer
    Model GMX R1
    Also known as Gominer Rig version 1
    Release for Cloudmining September 2019
    Release for public October 2019
    Delivery Date March 2019
    Chip size 5nm ASIC mining chip
    Noise level 70db (Upgradable)
    Cooling Fan (Upgradable to liquid)
    Fans 2
    Power Consumption 1650W (Upgradable)
    Miner Dimension 365mm(L) x 146mm(W) x 175mm(H)
    Miner Weight 7 kg
    Interface Ethernet
    Other Functions:
    • Manual Algorithm selection
    • Automatic Algorithm selection
    • Hardware Upgradable Surveillance API
    • Operation Detection
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Hashrate Optimization
    • Overclock
    • Daisy Chain Ethernet
    • Hash Bridge

    Hardware Features

    5nm Mining Chip

    GMX R1 are equipped with the latest 5nm mining chips which is 85% more powerful than the 7nm mining chip and 55% more energy efficient compared to 7nm chips.

    Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductors and Mosfets

    GMX R1 is equipped with power supply that uses gallium nitride composed power mosfets that is far more efficient than silicon made semiconductors and mosfets.

    Temperature Sensors

    GMX R1 is also equipped with high grade temperature sensors that activate the fans once the rigs temperature rises to prevent your mining rigs from overheating.

    Hardware and Software Upgradable

    Upgradable and replaceable parts such as Upgradable fans, Upgradable Power supply, Upgradable Heatsinks, Upgradable Hashboard, thermal paste, Upgradable control board that is personally developed and manufactured by the best Software and Hardware engineers of Gominer company.

    Carbon Fiber Housing

    The housing of GMX R1-C is made from carbon fiber which makes the rig lighter but more durable as well as making the whole rig better in heat resistance due to fact that carbon fiber doesn’t absorb much heat.

    Software Features

    GM Energy Saver Ex

    A powerful software developed by Gominer's software experts that enhances the energy efficiency of the mining rig, it reduces the power consumption of the ASIC miner without sacrificing performance.

    Safe Overlock

    Safe Overclock function boosts the ASIC miner to exceed its maximum mining capability by up to 30% but may shorten the lifespan of the heatsinks and cooling fans.

    Get up to 30% or 14.4 more hash power by using the safe overclock function

    GMX R1 Advantages

    1. Miners may save a lot of money by getting the Upgradable GMX R1 instead of buying the latest asic miner that will be outdated after a few months, Gominer ASIC developers are studying to make the rigs more powerful and energy efficient, Gominer will release online updates and hardware upgrades on the market.

    2. With GMX R1 Miner you dont have to buy different asic miners for specific algorithms because it can mine 8 different algorithms.

    3. Replaceable parts that requires minimal knowledge about hardware.

    4. 24/7 online support for any questions regarding your GMX R1


    *All hash rates are based on the power consumption of 1650W

    *Our company has developed a software that can optimize the mining of different algorithms with balanced rates for each algorithm and using only one kind of processor.

    *Selecting "Automatic Algorithm Shifting" will make your rig mine the most profitable currency from time to time.

    *Selecting “Automatic Mining” will make your rig mine multiple algorithms at the same time.

    *Selecting "Manual Algorithm Selecting" will give you an option to select which currency will be mined.


    Our warehouses are using a solid-state energy management system unit created by BASIC POWER, This device helps us save us up to 20% of our total electricity consumption.

    How the Basic Power Work (BPU)?

    Working principles

    The BPU electromagnetic reactor core dynamically monitors the incoming power from the electric utility and corrects any anomalies before they reach your electrical systems and sensitive electronic equipment. The BPU™ then monitors all of the electric power running throughout your facility, instantaneously correcting any sensed anomalies as they occur.

    Electric current degraded by internal systems and loads cannot be utilized by other devices, so that portion of the energy you pay for at the meter is wasted. The reactor core captures the distorted, wasted energy and transforms it back into usable energy and then releases it into the building electrical network as your equipment and systems call for it.

    How can BPU Save Electricity?

  • 8% to 20% kWh and kW Demand Usage Reduction
  • Payback in as little as 24 months
  • Connects in parallel through a breaker in your electrical panel. Can be installed without the need to switch power off to your equipment.
  • Works with variable speed drives, LED lights and any existing power quality technology on site
  • Improves the performance and lifespan of your motors and compressors
  • Improves the performance of renewable energy systems when added to DC inverters
  • Provides lightning and transient surge suppression
  • Technology highlights

  • The BPU senses and corrects anomalies in the electrical service arising from the utility supplied electrical service and power quality issues created within your building to make your electrical power very efficient.
  • The BPU clips the energy spikes that are generated when equipment is switched on to reduce your “Peak Demand” which your utility company uses as a benchmark rate when billing you.
  • The BPU reduces harmonic distortion within your electrical service and recycles this energy back into useful power.
  • The BPU helps balance electrical phases allowing motors and systems to run cooler and smoother reducing equipment maintenance and increasing system lifespan.
  • The BPU suppresses sags and surges and optimizes the electrical voltage entering your building.
  • HVAC system

    Our company uses HVAC system within the premises. This system is designed to control the environment in which it works.

    It achieves this by controlling the temperature of a room through heating and cooling. It also controls the humidity level in that environment by controlling the movement and distribution of air inside the room. The system also ensures cleanliness of air inside the said environment.

    Industrial Inverters

    Industrial inverters has been around for a very long time in the industry, it has been helping companies save a lot money by conserving power electricity, specially factories, data centers, of made us save more energy and reduce operating costs for our company’s long-term operation.

    Our company is using an inverter system that provides secured power for all types of AC loads.

    The full modularity and redundancy of TSI Twin Sine Innovation based industrial inverters range, therefore can we can save up to 70% operating cost.

    Warehouse Insulation

    We adapted warehouse installation based on smart automated shading, using high-performance windows that minimizes solar gain in cooling mode and maximizes net useful solar gain in heating mode.We Installed the best insulation product that helps keep the heat during cold weather and keep the heat out during extreme heat conditions to improve the comfort all year round and save a descent amount of energy by cutting the heating cost and cooling costs and as well as reducing the greenhouse emission by using multi-purpose insulations. With the help of an intelligent and networkable microprocessor sensor calibrated and installed.

    Road Map


    • Company Foundation Dec 14, 2017

      Established location and Team Formation on Canada, Why Canada? Mining rigs generate lots of heat, making colder environments ideal. Besides that, Hydro-Quebec offers some of the cheapest electricity in North America, and Canada’s overall political stability doesn’t hurt, either. Our company started from scratch till the bloom of cryptocurrency, through experience, we understand every detail and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Gominer is dedicated about the business and providing better services, through this, we assure every client to deliver quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed profit.

    • Research and Development Q1 & Q2 2018

      The 1st and 2nd quarter of 2018 was used to create the foundation of the company in achieving its goal to be the largest cloud mining company in the crypto industry. This phase focuses on building the company’s bread and butter. A hardware that will be capable of producing hashrate that is competitive with the other brands and software that is versatile to the ever changing difficulty of mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

      Asic Research and Development

      Gominer Development

      Start of Mining Farm Structure. Using an Advanced Low Energy Technology Such as Highly Integrated Cooling Systems, Advanced Window Technologies, and Envirotech like Solar Power, Wind Turbines and Hydrokinetics as an additional to Secure Low cost energy, we conserve a huge amount of energy and therefore maximizing natures Energy Making it more environmentally friendly

      Multi Algo Research

      Blockchain Development. With every revolutionary Blockchain project comes a group of sophisticated participants. To ensure every part of the project runs smoothly and legally.

      Mining Pool Development

    • Business Partnership Q3 2018

      Gominer is dedicated to creating an impact to crypto currency eco-system, achieving this goal is not possible without the partnership with some of the important company. The company Intelligently selected partners that will support the operation and the services. Partners from energy associated company up to the smallest distributors, supplier and merchants is guaranteed monitored to be helpful to the company and to all the users.

      Partnership with energy distributors

      Partnership with 3rd party merchants

      Partnership with hardware distributor

    • Launching & Production Q4 2018

      The early part of this quarter the Procurement and Purchasing department is completed the materials and parts for the production of the Gominer ASIC, So the GMX-R1 is now rolling in the production. The last quarter of 2018, the team on different department of Gominer completed their specific project from the security, programming of the small function of the platform. By this quarter of the year the platform and Gominer token is released.

      Start of Asic Production

      Gominer Platforms Beta Version

      Gominer Token Release

    • Token Seed Round Jan 2019

      Gominer seed round started with the amount of 44 Million GT. For the purpose of early investor and benefit of additional funding. The token seed round also helps the testing of the platform for early bugs or error. Token seed round helps to fund.

      Joint Ventures with Private Investors and contract Signing.

      Chosen Exchange Companies worldwide foreshadow the success of crypto-mining combination with experienced cryptocurrency personnel’s who’s a pioneer in this crypto world.

    • Block Explorer Feb 2019

      The release of Gominer Block explorer for more transparency of all the token transaction within the platform, this helps the user to track or confirm all the transaction, whether purchasing a service from the platform or sending and receiving token from another user. Operating an online blockchain browser which displays the contents of individual Bitcoin block and transactions and the transaction histories and balances of addresses.

    • Web Platform Security Upgrade Mar 2019

      Platform security is upgraded as for preparation for all additional services. The platform security must be updated for all the bugs and error before the Launching of the cloud mining, this update is crucial and important for all the users, and even much more important for the platform itself. Gominer invested in security to make sure all the user account is safe and trusted.

    • Launch of Cloud Mining Apr 2019

      Gominer launches the first token based cloud mining. Gominer mining is powered with advance Multi-mining Algorithm and a dedicated mining, hardware that developed by the company to sustain and elevate the market of cryptocurrency cloud mining. Gominer cloud mining is designed with experienced and understanding the needs of the user to improve and to deliver great user experience.

    • Gominer Platform May 2019

      Rollout of the additional feature for the platform; Web Staking Wallet is added to the platform for additional way to increase the value of the token, and at the same time give the user additional way to earn from the token they purchased. Window & Android App released, the application is created to help the user navigate the platform much easier wherever, whenever they needed. The GMX Mining Pool is launched the mining pool that powered by the latest shared mining technology that’s supporting a wide variety of Mining hardware. Block Channeling System is one of the pride of GMX Mining Pool. Crowd Funding Announcement.

      Web Stacking Wallet

      Gominer Windows and Android App

      Beta Mining Pool Release

      Crowd Funding Announcement

    • Token & Asic Presale Sept 2019

      Round 1 Token Presale. Pioneer stage, Gominer Company give big markdown at tokens at limited time only so don’t ever miss this opportunity. The 1st round of Gominer Token Release with 1,000,000,000 Token Supply.

      GMX R1-C Presale. GMX-R1 is the latest ASIC developed by Gominer, powered with Advance Algorithm to give the user an advantage. The asic will be release for Pre-Sale, Special introductory price will be set for all the participant buyer.

    • Token Presale Oct 2019

      Round 2 Token Presale. The 2nd round of Gominer Token Release with 500,000,000 Token Supply.

      Round 3 Token Presale. The 3rd round of Gominer Token Release with 250,000,000 Token Supply.

    • Token Presale Nov 2019

      Round 4 Token Presale. The 4th round of Gominer Token Release with 125,000,000 Token Supply.

      Round 5 Token Presale. The 5th round of Gominer Token Release with 62,500,000 Token Supply.

      Round 6 Token Presale. The 6th round of Gominer Token Release with 31,250,000 Token Supply.

    • Token Presale Dec 2019

      Round 7 Token Presale. The 7th round of Gominer Token Release with 15,625,000 Token Supply.

    • IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) Q1 2020

      The Initial Exchange Offering will be conducted on the chosen platform of a cryptocurrency exchange company, one of the advantages of IEO is security as it will have a new security based on the exchange platform. as of now everything is under process and will be announced after the final stage of the negotiation between the chosen exchange.

    • GT Internal Exchange


      Buying and Selling is in your hand, this platform will able the users sell and buy their tokens and decide the price. GT Internal Exchange is one of the feature of Gominer platform, With this feature user can conduct their Token trading between users. Trading price is affected by the actions of all the users. Gominer exchange system guaranteed lowest cost of trading fees so the user can maximize the trading benefit.

      Gominer Wallet Plus

      Instant Asset Convert will support different cryptocurrency to help users convert their GT to Different supported cryptocurrency with a very minimal fee. This Wallet Upgrade will help the circulation of token and help the user to maximize the use of the Gominer wallet.

      After supporting additional cryptocurrency Multiple Crypto Payment will be activated as for supplementary way to purchase services and hashpower in Gominer platforms.

    • Decentralized Cloud Mining Q2 2020

      We created a solution to decentralized cloud mining, and we called Gominer Decentralized Mining Algorithm (GDMA). This technology is open source and there’s no company controlling the processes and transaction of cryptocurrency cloud mining. Miners has full control and full access on their ASICS hash power, this means miners are the one to decide how much renting cost of their ASIC hash power will be. With this concept all miners will get solid returns with less effort and on top of that all data are encrypted and each user controls their own encryption keys. Without the need of any private or central regulation, thus making it a decentralized cloud mining network.

      International Bank Compliance

      Gominer Debit card is now on the application process, upon the approval of the bank user will have the option to have a Gominer Debit card powered by Visa & Mastercard. The debit card will help the user to maximize the use of their account. 3rd Party exchange listing is also planned to elevate the usage of the GT Token in the market of trading. By 2020 Gominer user will have the advantage and confident using their account internationally.

      Visa and Master Card Application

      Gominer Debit Card Implementation

      3rd Party Exchange Listing

    • Gominer Expansion

      Expansion of territory coverage is included in the priority of Gominer by 2020, Offices and Warehouse are already outlined for the growing company to sustain the demand and for the preparation of the ASIC Store and partnership retailer so that we can cover the demand of the user.

      Office and Warehouse

      New Hardware Production

      Physical ASIC Store Local / International

    • GMX-R2 Q3 2020

      As for the success of GMX-R1; Research and Development for the update of the hardware is carefully planned. Design and Prototyping for the preparation of testing and Production.Production Planning is teamed with different department to cover all the aspects needed for production, the involvement of different department are important as they will cover the Supply materials upto Production operation and deadlines. Production Implementation will be monitored closely and supervised up to the completion of the batch supply, this is to meet the target for the upgrade of the Gominer Mining Farm.

      Research and Development

      Design and Prototyping

      Production Planning

      Production Implemantation

    • Mining Farm Upgrade Q4 2020

      Mining Farm upgrade from GMX-R1 to R2 is gradually done to avoid major problem on a different aspect. The R1 to R2 upgrade will help maximize the mining performance to help support Gominer with the growing market of crypto cloud mining and to help user stabilize the usage of Gominer cloud mining. This is also to future proof the company in the Cloud mining ecosystem.

      Bulk Testing for GMX-R2

      Gradual Upgrade of GMX-R1 to R2

    Risk Management

    Mining in Gominer entitles clients to receive profits, therefore, Gominer token can be categorized as a security. Please remember that participating in cryptocurrency mining does not guarantee financial returns or revenues 100%. Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency cloud mining depends on the factors over the market and other same connected which our company have no control. However, we are confident that our experience and knowledge makes us to prevent and lessen these risks and guarantees our equipment and hardware will be on their best condition, therefore, guaranteed profits will be met.

    1. Compliance

    For the reason that Gominer is a Canadian operated company, clients are required to comply with applicable domestic and international laws. Our company does not claim to make representations regarding any legal matters. We recommend to consult with your legal professional first before investing on our company. All clients are responsible to comply with the laws and regulations that exist and any subsequent changes apply.

    2. Operating Expenses and Maintenance Costs

    As the Gominer company utilizes economy scale to leverage the operations, the expenses on operation will or may decrease. However, the expenditure total may increase while the percentage may decline. Mining profitability may be impacted as an outcome to other aspects. This rise might result in negative aspects such as losses.

    3. Risk in Delivery

    Accidents, unexpected issues, malfunction in facilities and equipment and other similar reasons may result in delays in parts delivery. While best efforts are performed when making company purchases, there are always risk in vendors that we cannot control and may result in delivery failure or delivery delays as mentioned above. These reasons may also result in negative effects, however, these incidents does not happen frequently and may not happen.

    4. Rewards in mining

    Decrease of blockchain reward, transaction fees, mining difficulty increase, rise of new currency, currency perish, energy and equipment cost increase and other factors that may affect the profitability of mining may result in negative gains.

    5. Cryptocurrency Price

    Bitcoin has been the top cryptocurrency in the world for a very long time now. performance in the past doesn’t guarantee any future result. With this, Gominer token holders may lead to losses purchasing a buy and hold strategy even if Gominer is still profitable.

    6. Limitations of Gominer promos and functions

    Our promos are limited, there may be flaws or vulnerabilities and must not be abused by any users. The promo functions of Gominer is also in its early stage and may be unforeseen associated with using this function in terms of. But not limited to regulatory and financial risks, these may also result in losses.

    7. Information Disclosure

    Personal information received by Gominer from clients, employees, vendors and others, as well as received payments, account information and et cetera may be disclosed to government officials, law enforcers and other similar parties. If our company is required to provide information by law such as subpoena or court order. Our company will claim not be responsible for any information disclosure. Our company will not provide information to anyone unless government or law tell us to do so.

    8. Taxes and Sales

    Clients, equipment buyers and contracts may be required to pay taxes and other tax similar fees with transactions. Profits may be required to be reported as ordinary income by law. Tax and other legal consequences may improve as we grow. We recommend to consult with your tax advisor for any advice regarding this topic, our company is not responsible for your tax liabilities and may not give any advice for any tax topic issues.

    9. Power demand changes

    As power is not on our control, our company plans to obtain additional equipment and facilities such as out wind turbines and solar powers and similar sources to reduce the cost of power. However, energy consumption and cost is not fixed and cannot be fluctuated based on equipment and other factors.

    10. Token Price Fluctuation

    Our company cannot assure any exact token value and shall not be liable for changes in the value of the price of our Gominer Token. As our company will hold reserves in fiat currencies, Gominer Token value will may be trade to the value of the assets and holdings of our company. Expectations regarding the future statements and market conditions, also business decisions are unpredictable. However, our company makes a very big effort to bring and operate pursuant to these issues, however, our company cannot assure that these statements will prove to be precise and the risks should be considered before investing, we also recommend to consult a licensed professional before making transactions. Our company is not liable, and these information shall not be interpreted as a warranty or guarantee of returns.

    11. Regulatory Risk

    Cryptocurrency as well as the terms outlined in this white paper and the specific topic and items are still new in the governmental context global. Legalities in the future may affect these contracts and may result in changes on the contract, this may also affect tokens.


    What is GT?

    GT Is our very own Gominer Digital Token which aims to become the best altcoin in the industry, were you can store on your computer drive, smartphone, hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud. Our token behave like physical money that have higher chance to increase its value.

    In the future, you'll be able to use them to purchase goods and services and also can be traded like stocks in popular exchanges.

    GT can be converted to hashpower that will be used in cloud mining. It can also be converted to Bitcoin. It can be traded with other users and invest in Gominer staking.

    What is a Token?

    A Cryptocurrency token is identical to a Fiat exchange. Only that it operates on the Blockchain network and doesn’t have a physical form like paper currency. There are a number of virtual assets/digital currencies, namely Bitcoin, which operate on an open-source protocol. They can be used in trade/exchange, and can also be mined. These operate on a decentralized network and work on the principles of creating more incentives out of it

    What are Altcoins?

    Altcoins stands for Alternative Coins other than Bitcoin. They are part of crypto world but not much successful as of now. However, we never know when they can rise above Bitcoin and have more value. Altcoins are in thousands of number now, with a little difference in coding and the mining process. They are more effective and less expensive, like Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin, etc.

    What is ICO?

    ICO means Initial Coin Offering, wherein people are keen to invest in a new project or start-up and they take the coin offered to them in exchange for legal tenders. This offering is done to raise funds for the company with open attestation of their future plans.

    What Is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger, and is a mechanism to bring everyone up to the highest degree of accountability. It is a continuously growing list of the members of the mining industry known as “blocks”. It was first found by an anonymous person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto and implemented in 2009 as a core component of Bitcoin where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions. It is designed in such a way that it secures the online transactions.

    Who is the Founder of Bitcoin?

    Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of the unknown founder of Bitcoin. Nakamoto claimed to be a 37-year-old male who lived in Japan, but some speculated he was unlikely to be Japanese due to his use of perfect English and his Bitcoin software not being documented or labelled in Japanese. Transactions are made with no middle men, meaning, no banks. There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name

    What is Bitcoin Mining?

    Bitcoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to a public ledger, which is known as Blockchain. It is an advanced mathematical and record-keeping process by which you make money. Mining does not create Bitcoin, rather it is a reward for validating the previous transactions. Each group of transaction id is known as block.

    What is Double-Spending?

    Double-spending means spending the same amount twice without it being registered in the ledger transactions. It is an act of fraud or ineptitude that has to be checked always. With everything operating on a digitized platform nowadays, there are some menace in the verification process, but it is always heeded by the Blockchain.

    What is Decentralization?

    Decentralization refers to the transparency and universality of all transactions that take place between the consumers with the use of cryptography. This is the basis of peer-to-peer networking where there is no legal documentation via government or central banks. The verification of the same is done by nodes and are recorded in the public ledger popularly known as Blockchain.

    What is cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency in this modern world refers to Digital Currency that has no physical form and is solely operational on a decentralized network. It is a digital money system where the transactions are really secure, with little or no fraud because of its tenacious codes and algorithm.

    What is Cryptography?

    Cryptography is the key to deal in Bitcoins, all transactions that are performed carry a special code which can only be decoded by the one who is receiving the money sent by another. It keeps every transaction safe and secure, verifies every transaction and helps in the debasement of double-spending.

    What is Exchange?

    Security and System Update Exchange (cryptocurrency exchange) refers to buying and selling of digital/virtual assets from various exchange platforms that are safe and secure. It is not necessary that you have to exchange Bitcoins or altcoins for cash, you can even purchase products and services using these coins. Many international merchants have already started to accept cryptocurrencies as an acceptable mode of payment. These sites capacitates us to invest and earn more with full security.

    What is Script?

    Script is a password-based key derivation function created by Colin Percival, originally for the Tarsnap online backup service. The algorithm was specifically designed to make it costly to perform large-scale custom hardware attacks by requiring large amounts of memory. It is a cryptographic Proof-of-Work algorithm, and does not dissipate much of a processing time.

    What is a wallet?

    Like our pocket wallets, e-wallets are used to store digital currency earned through mining, trading and investments. It is encrypted with a password to deny any unauthorized access by third parties. It is controlled by its owner only. The users should always store their private keys in a file name wallet.dat and are advised to copy it in some other folder as well.

    What is POW?

    Proof-of-Work, as the name suggests, shows that an investor has invested an ample amount into his computer system setup. Proof-of-Work algorithm refers to a special economic measure taken to prevent the refusal of service attacks or any other service related abuses, essentially any sort of spam on the featured network. Now miners can start solving calculations and the one who completes the process receives Bitcoin as a reward for solving a ‘block’, which is then added to the Blockchain.

    What is Oracle?

    An oracle is a mathematical function that is caused due to data leak and is the random response to your query that you ask for. However, if you put the same query again the response will be the same. These oracles are the domain proof of your query. Random oracles are used for the replacement of the cryptographic hash functions

    What is multi-signature?

    Multi-signature is the security protocol that allows more than one person to sign a single document. This technology was introduced to secure the transactions of any company or a big empire. It does allow us a safe generation of Bitcoin and also provides us with the facility to create a password and let the majority sign do or stop the transactions.

    What is Block Reward?

    When a miner successfully solves a mathematical algorithm they are remunerated with a block reward in the form of crypto tokens which are then added to their accounts as a saving and can be further used in any of the transactions.

    What is Genesis Block?

    Genesis block is the backbone of the Blockchain as it is the very first block of the Blockchain. This block does not hold any transaction because there was no cryptocurrency produced before. Bitcoin Genesis Block is special because only it starts from the start.

    What is Arbitrage?

    Arbitrage is the process of buying and selling of currency during the time of valuation up and down. It can be a little difficult as to when and how you will be buying the currency so that it can profit you, or sell the currency when it yields the most.

    What is Private Key?

    Private Key is a minuscule of mathematic codes that is made up from both public and private transactions but with various restrictions. It is made to secure the personal transactions and keep them private, as the name suggests. It is for one entity or owner who has the password and can do the transactions.

    What are Smart Contracts?

    Smart contract is the one which eliminates the middleman in the procedure of buying and selling of the cryptocurrency you hold. The transactions that happen can be tracked easily to avoid any fraud and cannot be reversed so that no one can steal money from your account

    What is Turing Complete?

    Turing complete is a computer that can solve algorithm problems and is well established. It is basically a program that can give answers to the provided programs. It has the same set of behavior as a universal quantum computer, which can simulate any physical system.

    What is Bitcoin wallet?

    Wallets grant you access to your public Bitcoin address and allow you to sign off on transactions, but they differ based on how you choose to access them. It facilitates the inflow and outflow of the transactions done by the user and helps to store them at one place with a unique id. The Bitcoin wallet comes in many forms. Desktop, mobile, web and hardware are the four main types of wallets

    What is mining rig?

    Mining rig is used for mining Bitcoins, and controls all the workings of the computer system. Basically, a network or setup made to mine Bitcoins, it totally depends on how perfect a rig you make. The more money you will put in the more you will earn, because utilization of power and electricity do bind you from earning what you desire for.

    What is hash rate?

    Hash rate or Hash Power, Measures the power of the Bitcoin miner rigs. It is the speed at which a computer is performing and completing tasks in Bitcoin code. The network consumes a lot of energy because it has to solve mathematical intensive computations regularly to find the blocks, so hash rate keeps a check on the same. To successfully mine a block, a miner needs to hash the block’s header in such a way that it is less than or equal to the “target”.

    What is ASIC?

    ASIC, or application-specific integrated circuit, is a microchip designed for a special application, such as a kind of transmission protocol or a hand-held computer. It can be found in many other devices like voice recorder and Bitcoin Mining hardware. Capable of easily outperforming the aforementioned platforms for Bitcoin mining in both speed and efficiency, all Bitcoin mining hardware that is practical in use will make use of one or more Bitcoin ASICs.

    What is Bitcoin address?

    A Bitcoin address is that unique link that holds all your Bitcoin currency. It is a 26-35 alphanumeric character or can be scanned as QR Code. This address is used for all transactions. It is like a single token or an e-mail, to be sent or received like money. Each user may have more than one Bitcoin address and it is recommendable to create a new one every time you receive money, so as to enhance the privacy of your account


    AC - Air Conditioner

    ACS - Automatic Cooling System

    API - Application programming interface

    ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit

    ASM - Automated Security Module

    BTC - Bitcoin

    CPU - Central Processing Unit

    DB - Database

    DDoS - Distributed-Denial-of-Service

    DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    DNS - Domain Name System

    ETH - Ethereum

    GDP - Gross Domestic Product

    GHS - Gigahash

    GMT - Greenwich Meridian Time

    GPU - Graphics Processing Unit

    GT - Gominer Token

    HMAC - keyed-hash message authentication code

    HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol

    HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

    ICO - Initial Coin Offering

    IP - Internet Protocol

    ISO - International Organization for Standardization

    KW - Kilowatts

    kWh - Kilo Watts per hour

    LED - light-emitting diode

    LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas

    LTE - Long-Term Evolution

    NGO - Non-governmental organization

    PM - Post meridiem

    PMO - Proprietary Mining Operations

    PO - Proprietary Operations

    R&D - Research and Development

    ROI - Return on Investment

    SEC - United States Securities and Exchange Commission

    THS - Terahash

    TPO - Third-Party Operations

    TWh - Terra Watts per hour

    UHD - Ultra High Density

    UMC - Unified Mining Cloud

    US - United States

    USD - US-Dollar

    UUC - Unified Unit Control

    VPN - Virtual Private Network

    WIFI - Wireless Local Area Networking


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