Gominer GMXR-1 Asic

GMX R1 is the first hardware and software upgradable mining rig invented by Gominer company, one of the most powerful and energy efficient rig in the cryptocurrency market today. GMX R1 can mine multiple algorithms with various power consumptions such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash.

$2100.00 $1680.00

Presale Price

GMXR1 Presale Info

1st Presale Sale Date 2nd Oct 2019 - 2nd Nov 2019
Discount Rate 40%
2nd Presale Sale Date 3rd Nov 2019 - 3rd Dec 2019
Discount Rate 20%
Official Release 4th Jan 2020
Accepted Gotoken, BTC

Estimated Profits

Period /day /month /year
Income $11.68 $350.40 $4,263.20
Electricity -$3.95 -$118.5‬0 -$1,422.20
Profit $7.73‬ $231.90 $2,782.80
** Declared Profits value are using multiple algorythm mining and auto allocation is ON for all profitable coins.

GMX-R1 Hardware

Our Miner is compose of the following features that makes it the leader in the crypto mining industry.

5nm Mining Chip

Equipped with 5nm mining chip which is 85% more powerful and 65% more energy effecient than 7nm mining chip.

GMX-R1 Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain feature is composed of 32 units at max that can save upto 97% network cost.

Carbon Fiber Housing

Made from carbon fiber for better heat resistance and less vibration which results in 50% less sound creation on your mining rigs.

GM Hash Bridge

Connecting 5 GMX Asic Miners together will produce a more stable hashrates and perform with their maximum hashrates capacity.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductors and Mosfets

Our power supply's semiconductors and mosfets are made from GaN (Gallium Nitride for maximum power effeciency.

GMX-R1 Software

These software features invented by Gominer enables the GMXR-1 to function to its maximum potential.

Smart Mining

The key feature of this Asic is its capacity to mine multiple algorithm all at the same time and Auto allocate them to the profitable currency.

GM Adjustable Hashrate

This feature automatically matches the required voltage of the current hash rate value so it doesn’t overuse electricity

Safe Overclock

Safe Overclock function boosts the ASIC to exceed its maximum mining capability but may shorten the lifespan of the heatsinks and cooling fans.


Enables to sell hash power on the network market.

GMXR-1 Basic Info


Miners may save a lot of money by getting the Upgradable GMX R1 instead of buying the latest asic miner that will be outdated after a few months.

Multi Algo

You dont have to buy different asic miners for specific algorithms because it can mine different algorithms


6 months warranty of parts if there are any parts that break including power supply, cooling system, board, chip or any parts of the product.

GMX Pool

Block Channeling System (BCS) is created Smart, Efficient and Profitable. This system runs on all the ASIIC Supported BCS like GMX-R1.

24/7 Support

24/7 online support for any questions regarding your GMX R1

Online Updates

Expect release of online software updates from time to time.

API Online Monitoring

Monitor your ASIC mining rig on your device such as your laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Carbon Fiber

GMX R1-C is made from carbon fiber which makes the rig more durable as well as making the whole rig better in heat resistance

Temperature Sensors

Equipped with high grade temperature sensors that activate the fans once the rig’s temperature rises to prevent your mining rigs from overheating.

Daily Allocation

  • An allocation of 71,428,571 supply of Gominer Tokens are availabe for purchase each day.
  • You will receive a bonus of 10% - 15% GH depending on the total purchase of Go Token each day. The bonus percentage changes everytime a certain amount of Gominer tokens are sold.